Modul System

A complete renovation of the bathroom in a few hours

Now we know that a complete renovation of the facility and the bathrooms in the hotel and other facilities, makes the difference.

But losing weeks, months of work is tantamount to a huge loss of money and inconvenience.

With our pre-wall system, the renovation of a complete bathroom takes only a few hours, simple and clean.

Time saving = money saving

Tailor-made planning

Our in-house engineering office can turn your ideas into a project

Innovative company

An innovative company in the field of production of prefabricated baths, as well as the production of sheet metal structures and elements for wall system for bathroom and kitchen renovation.


All our projects, even the traditional ones, are made with respect for the environment


Our concept: flexibility

Through our in-house design studio, we analyze the doubts and needs of our customers in order to create the right product for their needs.
We have reduced the thickness of the load-bearing structures to solve space problems.
We have created prefabricated bathrooms with already installed water installation and piping that can only be connected to the existing central system, or with each other in case of several bathrooms.