Global Green prefabricated bathrooms

Global      Green 

          Prefabricated Bathrooms  

Modul bath

                   For quick, easy and inexpensive renovations

With our modular system we offer you the opportunity to renovate and build new and already built housing units quickly, cost-effectively and cleanly.

We assemble directly in the factory through our innovative certified system of steel construction and high-strength panels, all of these elements coordinated to build a complete room with accessories, equipment and furnishing elements so that they arrive at your construction site and can be assembled quickly.

You only need to mount the modules among each other and connect the systems to the central ones.
You can use your new bathroom with new tiles, new installation and new accessories in less than two hours!


Very good price /

performance ratio

High quality certified and innovative materials (such as our lightweight and durable panels in HPL, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Or our SPA Soft shower plate for a feel-good experience)

Fast assembly and low manpower

Our panels are delivered in such a way that they can be installed on site quickly, easily and without dust.
You only need to connect the plants to the central plants via an installer.
Low manpower and thus cost savings.

You don't need tilers, bricklayers, etc.

Project made to measure and sample bath

Our in-house technical office allows you to create tailor-made projects with materials of your choice.
You can see in advance what the finished product will look like before it is assembled on site, so you can make changes if you don't like something.